Unitat 1.

Astronomia clàssica.

Astronomia moderna.

Relativitat i mecànica quàntica.

Unitat 2.

            Deriva continental i tectònica de plaques.

Unitat 3.

De bacteris i humans.

Unitat 4.

La salut i la malaltia.

Unitat 5.

Malaltia i medicina. (Història de la medicina).

Herman Batelaan of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, together with colleagues there and at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Canada, now say that they have created a double-slit experiment that follows the precise methodology of Feynman’s thought experiment. The intensity of the electron source was set so low that only about one electron per second was detected – which ensured that only one electron at a time would ever pass through the slits. At this rate it took about two hours for a pattern to build up on the detector – a process that was recorded in real time.

By Hamish Johnston, editor of

Unitat 6.

La intervenció humana en els sistemes naturals.

Unitat 7.

El desenvolupament sostenible.

Unitat 8.

Materials. objectes i tecnologies.